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it was in the eastern part of switzerland, in the beginning of the nineties. a new rockband was ready to rise. unfortunately, it was the decade of dance, techno and hip-hop music. but it didn't matter!

manuel, a trained teacher and banker, and mirco, an engineer and conductor, met each other in different musical projects. in 1993, they decided to form their own band called "real friends". later on, manuel's cousin raphael, also a future teacher, joined the band. in 1996, they produced the first maxi cd "wintertime". the first cd was folk orientated. the next maxi cd "hard life" came out in 1998 and was pop like.

in 2001, they gave their band the more modern name "nextmile". in this time of change, it was also the right time to make a real rock record. this maxi cd titeled "highfly". in 2004 nextmile released “demo 04” for promotion only.
since the beginning, the band developed from the roots of acoustic folk to pop and then to art rock.

and so is the sound today, open and all-round. the band itself calls it independent and alternative rock. a mix between us-rock, brit-pop, alternative and (irish)-folk-rock. but in every song you can feel the genuine nextmile sound. the direction of the nextmile highway is not following short-lived musical trends. the three multi-instrumentalists like to create their own passionated and honest music.